About Us

We are driven by values

Food can make or break a resident’s day. Meals a vitally important for both physical and emotional wellbeing and are fundamental in promoting quality of life. For residents, it’s the social connection in the dining room, meals can support choice and independence, be an expression of identity and culture, trigger memories, engage the senses and be a source of joy. Epicure helps your organisation and loved ones to live their best life.

Super Efficient

In 2 days onsite, you will receive a highly targeted assessment and plan mapped against the Aged Care Quality Standards

Deeply Committed

Our dedicated team provide complimentary access for all to collaborate monthly around aged care food through The Lantern Project

Highly Skilled

Our specialist multidiscliplinary team provide the highest quality assessment available in the country to leading aged care providers

Meet the team

Dr Cherie Hugo

Founder The Lantern Project

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Angela Malberg

Food Service Project


Loretta Reiken

Chef Consultant

Dignity in Dining

Anne Clark

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Claire Barton

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Petra Salo

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Vrinda Ahlavadi

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Our Advisory Council

Nick Ryan


Lutheran Services

Ivan Zrinscak

Group Hospitality Manager

ACH Group

Colin McDonnell

Dementia Consultant

Calvary Care

Bernadette Dutton

Speech Pathologist

Plena Healthcare

Dr Kylie Wales

Occupational Therapist

University of Newcastle

Susan Emerson

Aged Care Consultant

ACFA, NACA, Palliative Care

Gabrielle Thoreau

Food Safety and Hospitality Consultant

Sandra Gilbert

RN & Dementia Consultant

Jon Moody

Business Development

Alan Freeman

Managing Director

CFO Centre


Compliance with Industry Standards

“Well, we had a few non commits and non-compliance with the food up there that’s now been cleaned off the books actually, so it [Epicure] helped dramatically.

Dementia and Wellness Consultant
Calvary Care

So, have I found the Epicure you know report useful for the accreditation purposes? Absolutely. And you know, it’s something that clearly identifies the gaps.”

Dementia and Wellness Consultant
Calvary Care

Improved clinical outcomes and quality of life

“We have drastically reduced our complaints.”

Aged Care Consultant

“On the whole, that facility is doing well. As far as pressure areas and on the KPI’s for those sort of things as well as with malnutrition [rates].”

Dementia and Wellness Consultant
Calvary Care

Improved efficiencies and cost savings

“Epicure is one of those tools that can really help increase efficiencies”

Group Hospitality Manager
ACH Group