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Australia’s leading aged care food, nutrition and mealtime experience assessment and star rating

The benchmark for aged care food service

Good food is everything, especially for older Australians.

Yet 50% of residents in aged care are malnourished and this increases care costs three-fold.

Put simply, we need to serve better meals. And we need to do it nationally.

Epicure is raising the bar as Australia’s only industry-endorsed assessment and star rating program in aged care food, nutrition and mealtime experience.

Some aged care providers lift their standards only when they are caught out and forced to do so. Our partners raise their standards because it delivers better outcomes for everyone involved: residents, staff, families, and the aged care provider’s bottom line.

We know food can make or break a resident’s day. It’s among their top three complaints, and we are doing something about it.

We engage staff, assess nutrition and observe mealtimes. We spend time with residents and their families to learn about their dining experience.

In fact, we capture over 4500 touchpoints at any one site and generate ratings mapped against our evidence-based principles and the Aged Care Quality Standards.

We helped write the guidance for the Quality Standards and our targeted quality improvement suggestions and recommended ‘quick win’ actions are integrated within them.

But that’s not the end.

We’re all about raising the quality of care through food and nutrition – and Epicure’s biannual assessment guides five-star performance.

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Compliance with industry standard

Improved clinical outcomes and quality of life

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